Taylor Mali on “What Teachers Make” – Slam Poet

Stand and Deliver – Ganas
Jaime Escalante come from Boliva to teach computers in the USA, the school has no computers, so he creatively teaches them calculus and they get college level placement based on their studies.

Stand and Deliver – Tough Guy Deep-Fry Chicken

Lean on Me (Movie Clip)

Ron Clark Story – The President of the USA Rap

Interview with the real Ron Clark – Part 1 of 3
Author of the “Essential 55”, proceeds used to build his new school!
Became number 2 bestseller in the nation after promoted by Ophra.
3000 people a year visit his classroom to learn his methods and techniques.

Interview with the real Ron Clark – Part 2 of 3

Interview with the real Ron Clark – Part 2 of 3

Freedom Writers – Scene about Holocaust and Racial Divisions

Teacher gets students involved in keeping journals and reading “real books”, like “The Diary of Anne Frank”. Students eventually believe they can do anything they want – and decide to raise money and invite the daughter of the family that helped to hide Anne Frank to their classroom.

Advance to 4:00 to see St Crispin day speech. Danny DeVito plays teacher in “Renaissance Man” who teaches Shakespeare to students at a military school.


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