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Did you Know? Shift Happens
This video puts the world into perspective, relating to jobs in India, China, and US.
Includes fascinating statistics. (This is the audio version of the famous presentation.)

Did you Know? Version 4.0
Updated statistics – geared to motivated teachers/educators. This presentation if the first time I heard of a “yottabyte” (one trillion terabytes, 10^24 – where as an exabyte is “just” 10^18 and a petabyte is a “measly” 10^15.

2020 Graduation Speech

Is centered around a high school called Arapaho in Colorado, very education oriented.

2008 Amazon buys Ebay – prices of everything becomes negotiable

2009 – Google buys Logitech and Shure (Microphones), teacher podcast ALL classes
Google purchases Associated Press & ABC/Disney & Lectures from 32 Universities
Yahoo purchases Reuters, NBC, and Lecturees from 40 Universities

2010 – Google announces GCAM to record entire class, including student voices

2011 – Microsoft purchases Yahoo and Dell

2013 Google buys controlling interest in Apple, Ford, and AMD

2014 Google announced first Quantum Computer and GooglePanels (new tech solar panels, i.e. free energy for GCars and for Google’s own data center power needs), cars also act as Mesh Network, each car acting as a wireless access point and signal extender, giving Internet coverage over 75% inhabited land masses

2015 – Google & Apple announces first shipping quantum computer and operating system, called Imagine all applications and operating system are entirely open source. Computer is free except for shipping charge and annual fee to GooglePremium.
The “OLPC” – One Hundred Dollar Laptop Project” immediately announced it would distribute this computer free and would take 4 years to reach underdeveloped countires.

2017 Google announces GoogleU (University) – 9th grade through Masters Degree – Free Content, No Tuition

2018 – USA no longer imports any oil or natural gas, and federal budget has a surplus. Carbon emissions are lower than previous year.

2019 – Google announce eyeMagine to replace Imagine – an retinal display that you were like glasses. Can be controlled by keypad similar to those used to be used by cell phones.

This web site has a few other good videos that fit inline with Kurzweil’s singularity and the future.From

Learn more about Karl Fisch at

EPIC 2015 – Future of News and Media

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